How to link a template to a CMS site?


I’m starting on Webflow. I just bought a CMS plan and created a empty site.
I also bought a template that is (unfortunately) not linked to this CMS site.
How can i link my template to my CMS plan ?

Note : I also tried to copy element from the template to the empty website but copy/paste seems to be deactivated.

Thanks in advance for the support.

I have the same problem


Unfortunately there is no way at the moment to swap hosting between sites.

You can either cancel the one, and purchase a new one. Alternatively send our customer support team a message and we can take care of it.

Go here to log a request and provide the links to your sites and we will do the rest. Hosting and Domains - Transfer site hosting

You can think of templates as a starting point for your site. So it isn’t something where later you can buy a new template and apply it to your site. Rather each template purchase would be a new site.

Hope that helps. :+1:

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Hi Drew Schafer,
It helps :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer. I’ll submit a request to your team.