How to link a static page fields to CMS

Hi All,

I am quite new in Webflow and like to know how can I link a static page value to the CMS. I have created a connection list in the CMS but got stuck link it to the page.

Here is my page:

I like to connect all the fields to the CMS collection list so a user can add things dynamically. How should it be done?
Really appreciate the help here!


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Can you explain which pages you want to connect where please?

Do you mean that whenever a user posts a watch appears on your collection?

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your reply!

We are trying to achieve that a user can login to our site and then add a watch in the page and it appears in the our collection? Is it possible in current webflow setup?

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Ok, a couple of things:

  1. Webflow doesn’t support logins at the moment. You’ll need a third party app for this. My recommendation is @DuncanHamra can give you more details if you need.
  2. In order to post a form submission as a CMS item in your collection you’re going to need to use zapier to grab the content of your form and send it back to the collections on your project.
    Here’s a workshop on this regard:
    And here’s the Webflow University article:

Hope this helps.

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