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How to link a single project from the CMS Collections to a static page?

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting on the Webflow forum and looking for your help.

I am currently in the middle of building my portfolio website and having great fun in achieving the look I want to house my creative work. I am using the CMS collections to contain each project and have displayed each project in a horizontal scroll (Shown below).

I want to be able to have the user click on each project and be linked to a new static page. So for example, clicking on the ‘Burj Typeface’ project will link you to this…

But for some reason I can only have the whole lot of projects within the CMS Collections to link to one single static page. And not link each individual project to a separate static page.

Am I doing something wrong in the CMS collections area? I’ve added a field in the CMS collections for ‘Link’ but that doesn’t seem to work for me? Is there a way to grab the links for each respective static page and add a link field in your projects collection?

Here is my public share link:

Appreciate any help I can get to help move this site forward.

Thanks for anytime given.

Kind Regards,


Hi @vssdesigns

Interesting question, I think you are limited to just the one static link, so you would need to create those 10 ‘tiles’ non-dynamically (not using CMS) in order to link them to 10 different static project pages. If you want to use the CMS, then two ways around it might be:

  • Create a collection for each project, that will then generate a template page for each project, and you could style/structure each of those template pages however you like.

  • Or if all your project pages would be presented in the same page structure, set just the one project template to dynamically show the appropriate/current content.

Hope that helps?


Thanks @StuM.

Yeah I thought so, that’s a shame. So if I was to use the CMS and go with your first option of generating a template page for each project by creating a collection page, how would I then link the individual pages to the 10 individual tiles?

Screenshots are welcome :slight_smile:


That’s a good point! Hmm, needs more thought…

Maybe we need to ask the question, why use the CMS rather than create manually for this use case? It is perhaps a better fit for when each project page would have the same layout (templated)…

If each project page needs it’s own style/structure, then manual creation is maybe better, you could create one tile, link to correct page, and then use duplicate classes to quickly create new tiles but edit the style for each tile?

Duplicate classes info here, if you’ve not seen:

@PixelGeek @sabanna @cyberdave - anything i’m missing here?


Yeah thats true @StuM. But even still, if I was to create the same layout (templated) how do I go about linking those templated pages to the project tile?

@Waldo Any ideas on this?


Ok, for that option have a look at these screenshots, find your way to the link in the navigator panel:

project link

Then click the settings icon, and change the link page to the purple one, and select current project:

Then go to your ‘Projects template’ page, and style it how you want, using the dynamic lists to pull in the various fields for the projects in the CMS, headings, images etc (like you have done with the tiles)

project template

You can also filter the dynamic elements you add in this template page to show/hide certain fields - so one project might have additional fields - you can set it to display these fields if populated, but not show if they are blank. Let me know if you hit any issues, i’m not an expert but have delved deep into the CMS recently for a project!