How to link a list item to its detail?

Hello community,

I’m creating my first e-commerce on webflow, and still learning with collections. How do I link products from a list (linked cards from a collection) to their respective detail page (loading data)? Do I use a CMS Template page? How do I do?


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You’ll need to add an embed button and then use the “slug” reference to bind it to your detail page

See screen grab. I know there’s better articles out there if you search.

Be sure to keep the original button somewhere, like on a hidden page. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the “Clean Up” css and then had to recreate the style :upside_down_face:

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Hi @Port_of_Folio , thanks for the help! 90% done lol

One more question: the clickable component should be the entire card (except the button), so where should I insert the embed code?

I believe you’d need to construct the entire card as an html embed. Sorry, not sure.

Will the button function as a link too? If so, I don’t believe this arrangement will work since you can’t have a link inside of another link.

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It makes sense. I will try to reconstruct it. Thank you for the help! =)