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How to link a link tab

I dont see any link insert in link tab settings but there is a chain sign, how to link actually the “the link tab” to heading 4 for example?

Hi @webflowuser2345

If you have an element selected (with the link ‘chain’) then go the settings cog on the right hand side and you can change the destination of the link - to a section, a page, an external page etc.

Have you watched the tutorials here, one of which covers link blocks:

There are lots of topics covered, this may also be useful for positioning:

Hope that helps

…again as for button in right cog i can add links to pages to sections to external url BUT as for TAB LINK there isn’t option in right cog or settings to add link- its just custom attributes and easing methods - there is no link option. AND in the TAB LINKS I cant add link block.

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