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How to link a dropdown to the CMS

Hi there,

I have tried going through all the tutorials but can’t find what I’m looking for.

I have created a page using the CMS and I would like to visitors to be able to filter the CMS items with a dropdown. Like on a blog for example when you select a category and it shows all the articles related to that category.

The thing us that I don’t want a dropdown which when an option is selected it directs to another page.

I would like all of the item in the collection to show when first landing on the page, then the dropdown will allow to select the category.

I have seen stuff about creating Dynamic lists but cannot find any information about how to use them anywhere.

I am sure there is a video about that but just cannot find it.

Thanks for your help.

This thread may help you.

There’s no built in way to do what you want to do so it will likely require a third party plugin.

Hi @Jake

You can also use tabs, depending on how many filters there are. That way, they stay on the same screen also.

I’ve used that recently for an e-commerce site where they can choose All, Boys, Girls or Unisex. There are then 4 collections in 4 tabs to allow for this. You can put the tabs into a dropdown instead.

Not sure if that helps at all?

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@magicmark - the tabs did the trick for time being thanks. it’s a start before looking into Isotope. Thanks, @SidneyOttelohe for the tip! Had a look at the code and it seems not too hard so will definitly try that at a later date :wink: