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How to Link a CMS collection to a dropdown menu?

Hi, Sorry i am very new to this.

I am creating a training website and i am looking to link to the different course categories on the homepage. i have been through every tutorial and i am just not getting it. Can anyone help?

Right now in the “courses” section i am just linking to each category via external URL, but i know there is a better way to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached a link below (hopefully) for more info

Actually there currently is not. Webflow only shows links to CMS items as an option inside a RT Field within a Collection Item. For whatever reason it’s not there. Just remember if you change slugs you should update your manual links.

EDIT: Not without a collection list as you discovered. I was under the impression you were trying to add manual links to collection items.

Is it not viable to have a collection list (connected to the Categories collection) present within the navbar? Here’s how I’ve approached it and it seems to work, but I could be overlooking a reason why this method shouldn’t be used:


EDIT: I may have misread the initial question / your response as I thought Andy was talking about the navbar for some reason

Hi Andy, that worked! Exactly what i was looking to do, your screenshots were so helpful. Really really appreciate it thank you so much for the help!

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