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How to keep the viewing of PDFs under password protection

I have a few PDFs (with the new pdf hosting feature) on password protected pages that I would like to keep under the password protection. After viewing a protected page and a pdf document inside of it, I exit the browser to refresh the protection status. I open a new browser and go to history. The protected page will request you to enter the password to view it, but the hosted pdf will open directly.

Any thoughts on how to keep the pdf under the password protection?


Hi @chuzzweb Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

That is a good question. Yes you can password protect a full site, a single page or a folder in Webflow. But you cannot password protect a PDF. What you need to do is password protect your PDFs with Adobe Acrobat for full security:

Hope this helps

Thanks @PixelGeek!

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking any other options in the webflow realm. I appreciate the help!

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