How to keep image from moving under the navigation bar when the browser size changes?

Hi! On my homepage, I have a logo image layered over the background image. When I resize the browser window from full screen to smaller the logo image moves under the navigation bar. I want to prevent this from happening. How to fix it?

Here is my site Read-Only: **[LINK]

I don’t seem to have this issue. Did you manage to fix it in the meantime?

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I recommend making the logo part of the background image to maintain position control.

I made a short video showing how you can keep the logo from being overlapped, but I anticipate that your next question will be “how to keep logo from overlapping the characters?”. This will be difficult to achieve on a responsive layout since the elements will only allow for some minor responsive wiggle room. Best to flatten that logo into the background image to maintain its position.


Thanks again for helping me Port_of_Folio, and thanks for trying too RoryVB!

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