How to interact both tabs and scroll triggers at the same time?


I tried really so much to figure it out this but i got stucked. I’m trying to find out how to give interaction to the first tab. I want to animate the first tab that is open when i scroll the page. I’m sharing the link below.

thanks in advance

Hey @inutero,

I’m not sure if i am understanding you.
Tabs interaction is designed to work when you click on a tab.
Scroll interaction trigger with scroll.

It doesn’t make sense to combine those two type of interaction since tabs interaction need a click to work.

Can you please explain to me what kind of effect/animation you want to achieve, so i can help you to figure out the best way to do it.

Hey @zbrah,

sorry i wrote the message in a rush. I basically want that when i scroll down i wanna animate the first tab of tabs section as well, if its possible on webflow. I was trying to understand how the interaction works and thought that i could combine scroll trigger with tabs trigger. Like this i scroll down and 1st tab works, then, for the second tab i use the tabs trigger.

does it work like that?

thank you

No problem @inutero

You can simply add a scroll interaction on your element

If you want to put you tabs interaction on the same element, when you have finished with the scroll interaction, add your new interaction like this

Thanks a lot @zbrah

I will try that and let you know if it works :slight_smile:

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