How to integrate Webflow's E-commerce, Membership, and Zapier

Hello Webflow Community,

First of all, let me introduce myself real quick. I am a frontend developer experienced in Next.js, SvelteKit, Electron.js, Strapi, etc… and have been using Webflow for 2 years now for freelancing, but never used Webflow’s e-commerce feature. These days, I decided to level up myself with Webflow’s e-commerce, read lots of articles, and watch YouTube videos, but still have some questions. And I think this community can help me with the solutions. So, below are my questions:

  1. Is it possible to create member accounts by using Webflow’s membership, Webflow’s e-commerce, and Zapier together?

    • user will create an account with Webflow’s membership.
    • I will add billing info and order-history collections to my membership collections.
    • when a user fills out the checkout form and places an order, I will create collection items for billing info, and order with a reference to the current user by using Zapier
    • will show order history on the membership account page
  2. How to restrict placing an order(checkout) if he/she doesn’t create an account?

Thanks in advance,
Yan Aung Hein.