How to integrate Webflow form to Hubspot without Zappier

Hi there,

I am looking for a way how to integrate my webflow form to Hubspot. So all contacts would be hosted on Hubspot.

Note: I do not use Zappier.


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Hi @Vytas_Dargis,

Unfortunately, there is no direct connection to Hubspot from Webflow. You can try using attribute variables or webhooks to send the data. Or you could place a Hubspot form directly on Webflow.

Any particular reason why you do not USE Zapier as it will give you the best connection between the two?

Thanks for your reply. Maybe you do have a guide that I could check it out?

Zapier is not an option for us. :confused:

Same problem here. We’re already paying a ton of money to Hubspot and adding software subscription upon software subscription to our budget is not an option for us. Please understand. There needs to be an elegant solution for this. I’ve embedded the Hubspot form into the website, customized the looks as much as Hubspot allows it in its own editor (which is pathetic), but it’s still an eyesore. Please help! Anything around hidden form fields or such where I could capture the data and send to the Hubspot CRM?

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Anyone find a work around yet? Client is using Hubspot and Mailchimp… Mailchimp free templates are abysmal. But, the Hubspot free one is simple and clean and far easier to use for me and the client.

The ONLY thing we want to do is have a “sign up for our email list” with a single email field that feeds into the Hubspot email contacts list. THAT’S IT. Seems insane to have to pay for Zapier just for the use of a single field for than 100x a month.

Yes, please keep this topic afloat. To be honest, the problem isn’t even with Webflow, I’m more pissed at Hubspot. They cost a ton of money and their form editor is a joke. I can’t even set the letter spacing in their editor! Theoretically, through some trickery, it should be possible to take their edit form and make sure it reads the CSS values I’m giving. But we weren’t able to fix things that way yet. Also, just the newsletter subscription example. 90% of websites use a simple form: type your email in a textfield on the left, hit button on the right. In the Hubspot form layout it’s not possible, button can only be below the form… even if the form consists of just one field/one line. :weary: :woman_facepalming:

Unfortunately, we did end up using Zapier. Had to buy premium Zapier plan.

There was a solution in this post. It leads to the HubSpot developer page.
I can’t make sense of it though :frowning:

See post reply #4 there.

You can use Vimkit’s free tool to connect Webflow forms to Hubspot:

There’s more info on why we created this tool (and links to a how-to guide) in this post: A better / free way to connect Webflow & Hubspot

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Webflow now integrates directly with Hubspot

@Moeen - That’s an enterprise feature only with Webflow. Use Vimkit so you can save a couple of grand a month.