How to integrate manual google ads

Hey there,

I’ve been trying to integrate google ads only on my actual blog posts. So naturally, I went into AdSense and limited the pages that the ads should be displayed on. I then tried using auto-ads, but the auto ads script runs on the entire page and started messing around with my layout and usability more than I wanted and more than I could limit from the adsense console.

So I opted in for a custom solution that would let me display manual ads every two h2s. This seems like the alright way to preserve my website usability.

Here’s a link to the webflow forum thread I used to make my code.

Unfortunately, when implementing the code in my blog post template page (cms), ads just won’t display.

I really hope that someone with a bit more knowledge in jquery and js comes in to help out.

Here’s my read only link Webflow - kandidatstvai