How to integrate Gumroad with Webflow CMS

Good evening,

I am trying to integrate Gumroad with Webflow CMS but unfortunately I am having some issues.

Basically, I have added my products on Gumroad and have embedded the custom code inside the CMS item (where the button should appear). When I publish the site, each button opens the correct product in the pop-up, however it opens it 3 times, one on top of the other. So I need to close 3 pop ups before going back to the ecommerce page.

Read-only link (save the date page): Webflow - Stepintomyweb

Live website: Save the dates

Could you please help me out understand why it’s doing that?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Hey Ginerva,

It’s because you’re loading the gumroad script 3 times ( once for each item ).
Here’s what that does, and how to fix that.

Hey @ginevrafwilliams

First add the limit items on the collection item: Show 3, start 1.

Then above that go to Filter, and click plus sign for Name Equals. Then type in the exact name of the item, which in the first case is - Colourful flowers. That will let the button know it’s only supposed to show the one it’s clicked.

Then you’ll have to copy the first collection and the filter name to - Countryside olives. Repeat for the last one.

You may have to adjust the size settings, but the buttons should know which one to open.

See ya! -G.J.

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Hi Michael,

thank you so much for your help, it was so nice of you to send me that video which solved my issue in just a couple of minutes! I am so grateful! I love Webflow and it’s helpful community! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

All the best and have a great day,