How to install Outbrain in Webflow?


I’m using Outbrain for a website. The main code was installed successfully, but I don’t understand where to add the codes for tracking ‘add to cart’, ‘email sing up’ and ‘Checkout’.

This is the tutorial:

So, where to install the codes for even based campaign?


We cant see the tutorial because we have to login :wink:

I updated the post with the right url.

This should help :wink:
You can add this in the Footer Code of your Site… wich is under Settings - Costum Code

var  registerbutton = document.getElementById('YOUR_BUTTONS_ID'); //You have to give each button an ID
registerbutton.addEventListener("click", register); //register is the function wich gets triggerd at click

//Example-Script like in the tutorial
function register(){
obAPI('track, 'Register');

Thank you, I will test it! :slight_smile: :webflow_heart: