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How to index Stumbleupon page in Google?

I’m using Stumbleupon from last 3 months and when I checked in google recently, I found my Stumbleupon page has not indexed yet. How to index it in google?

At first, you should complete the stumble upon’s profile with relevant information and write a unique and catchy description for the stumble upon’s list. After finishing this task, you must create the relevant link on this profile.

I’ve done that already.

This is not a big deal, what he has sad is right, complete the StumbleUpon profile with all your details, links and social media platforms. Then get the actual profile URL, and add it to the Google Indexing. Search "Submit URL’ in the search box and you’ll automatically get the relevant link to submit URL. If it doesn’t work, ask some reliable SEO Services for further help.

Another way is to add a link of your Stumbleupon page on your website.


I have the same problem. Where did you find a place to add a description on Stumbleupon?