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How to increase transition value beyond 2000ms

I believe the Webflow dev team have capped the max limit for transition effects to 2000ms, is their a way to increase this using custom code?

What i am trying to do is create a hover effect for a div that has a background img, on hover the img moves to the right. I want this to happen over 10000ms. Would be great if i could enable this in custom code.


how about changing “ms” to “s”

s = seconds.


yup that works! thanks @PixelGeek

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Hahahahaha I needed that yesterday, I went up to 450000ms (:

You owed me one since the VH (-;


I went up to 450000ms

wow. careful doing anything “over 9000.”

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Care to elaborate?

It was for my planets rotations around the sun… the slowest takes 45 seconds to rotate.

over 9000… its a meme =P

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