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How to improve my design

I’m trying to go for the neomorphic look but it’s looking a bit colorless and boring. Is there any way I can make it look more modern and professional?

hi @Stuart_Fong Neumorphism does looks fine but use of this technique not ideal to use for design on displays (web/app). You can find why when you will take close look on this technique. What is modern you can find If you will search for 2021 design trends and there is lots of articles you can read or watch. But even when you will find trends you would like to apply it does’n mean that will look professional if you have no design (web-print) at least basic knowledge of design principles and experience to use them.


The easy way to improve the design would be to look for examples of designs you like on other websites and copy elements of these designs into your page.

Depending on how much time you want to devote to this, you could also work to better understand design principles. A great place to start would be

Hmm copy elements code is at first not ethical and at second you will learn absolutely nothing. That said, common practice is creating some ‘mood-boards’ from design of others instead. Using ‘Mood-boards’ and converting these to custom design lead to creative mind when you will learn to think as designer. Of course you can use eg. bootstrap or other design systems for fast prototyping. These system look modern and professional as you can see these on 90% of websites on net.

It is good improve the design. Yes, for examples of designs.

I didn’t say copy code and, as a professional web designer for the last 16+ years, I disagree STRONGLY that you will learn nothing. That is just your opinion. I said copy ELEMENTS of the design. I did not say copy the design in it’s entirety. Please take a moment to fully understand the message before jumping on your high horse and introducing negativity into this forum. Taking inspiration from existing work is an integral part of learning any subject. When writing a song, copying the chords, melody and lyrics from another song exactly is unethical but taking ELEMENTS from a song, i.e. a short chord progression or the pattern of a drum beat, is not unethical. In the same way, copying ELEMENTS of a design and incorporating them into your own design is certainly NOT unethical in any way.

reacting on additional text.

As I have musician background (recording studio) I can’t agree with you as there was/is many court cases about only taking just part of songs even they were strongly processes and hard to recognised from original. It is crazy what artists/recording companies plead about. But it is lots of money in this business.
Let’s stay with websites :wink:


My degree is in Jazz and Contemporary music. I have visited over 100 countries working as a professional pianist. I was also Head of Music in a top UK school. You continue to misunderstand the concept of taking “elements” from an existing work and incorporating them into your own. Again, I said NOTHING about taking “parts of a recorded song” and using them in your own. If your expertise is in coding maybe you can stay with answering questions about code rather than answering questions about design. Peace. :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right and sorry that I expressed my opinion the way I did as I have misunderstand

Yes it is true that as freelancer I’m more focused more on code but as I’m also teaching mainly local people interested in “only” web design and development basics and principles. That’s why I do not consider to be designer by profession but I have IMHO good overview on web design as it is huge part of my freelance job. So again I’m sorry that I have expressed my opinion on design and I will consider your recommendation. :upside_down_face:

I believe we can all learn from each other. I am here to try and help people. All I am saying is that I think it would be better to ask questions about comments another user posted to fully understand what they are trying to say, rather than to jump in and immediately criticize in a negative way. I have read the forum and I know you make a valuable contribution to the community. Thanks you and have a great day.

my comment wasn’t criticism but people that coming to web development and design can interpret copying wrong way. My comment tried to make it only more clear that learning is better way than copying.

Anyway I thing that was said enough.

Have a good one :vulcan_salute:

If someone misinterprets what I say then I can help them to understand what I mean, but I am not going to change what I said. Just because I use the word “copy” does not mean I am automatically wrong. Not all copying is bad and people need to understand the difference between “plagiarism” and “taking elements of a design for inspiration”. EVERY designer uses elements in their designs that have been used before. You show me ANY design and I will show you how “elements” of that design are similar to something that has already been done before by someone else. Does this mean they are copying designs? No. Copying “elements of a design” is not the same as copying “a design”. A designer instinctively knows this. As I designer I am happy to try and help “coders” to understand this.

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Nicely said, now is difference between “copying” more clear to me.

Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to the forum. I only hope I can copy your example :slight_smile:

Feel free to copy my code if you will find it useful, that’s why are solutions here. But one thing is copying and second thing is understanding. As original question was about how to, copying isn’t the best way and that is true for any profession. We both agree on this and our main disagreement we had was word “unethical” and I have mentioned it as it is my opinion.

That’s why I have mentioned “mood-boards” instead copying. But as I see we have different point of view and this is good thing. If will have people identical opinion on everything word will be boring and discussions wouldn’t be made.


I was not talking about copying your code or your projects. I don’t want to do that thanks. I was making a joke saying that I wanted to copy how well you contribute to the forum. I guess this must be a translation issue. Have a wonderful day.

Oh… sorry not understanding your joke.

Have a good evening