How to import blogs via API with proper formatting in body

When importing I tried markdown but now my blog body content just has a bunch of # signs lol.

Do I need to use html? Is there a way to do this without manually updating EVERY tag in EVERY blog via the manual editor? Please tell me there is another way :sweat:

Note: here is the payload I am sending via API, the blog content for the body is sent via post_body and formatted as markdown:

payload = {
“fields”: {
“name”: title,
“slug”: slug,
“post-body”: post_body,
“post-summary”: post_summary,
“author-name”: author_name,
“blog-category”: blog_category_id,
“_archived”: False,
“_draft”: False,
“tags-2”: “TAG_ID”, # all posts are tagged with this tag
“main-image”: main_image, # main image from CSV
“thumbnail”: thumbnail # thumbnail image from CSV

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Hi @Dalton_Kane :wave:

AFAIK it won’t accept Markdown, that would be lovely if it become supported.

The way I handle this is to convert Markdown to HTML and then compress the HTML (remove line breaks) before sending it in the “post-body” field via the Webflow API.

Hope that helps!