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How to import a website back into webflow - STILL NOT WORKING

My topic was closed automatically. So I am opening a new one, cause the provided solution is till not working.

I now made my functionality, see http://wedowe.org12

So how do I bring this back to my webflow designer to work on other stuff?

It’s made in html/css/javascript

I got the following soluiton from an awesome forum member called @PixelGeek.

"You can recreate those elements in the Webflow designer tool by:

dragging in a basic “DIV BLOCK” element on to your canvas.
give that element a class name of “parallax-container”
drag in another basic “DIV BLOCK” element inside of the parallax-container
give this new element a class name of “parallax-layer” then add a sub-class name of “layer-0”
style this element how ever you see fit.
click on the settings tab for this element (the cog icon)
in the “CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES” area, add a new attribute with a name of “data-parallax-speed” and a value of “0.05”
then create another new attribute with a name of “data-max-scroll” and a value of “565”
repeat steps 4 through 8 as necessary, but change the sub-class name to “layer-” where is a different number. Also, change the attribute values as needed"

I tried it, but it didn’t work yet. I think it’s because some of my settings in the background image section are similar to the ones in the styles section above, so I am confused about that part as well.

Here is my shared only link:

@PixelGeek help? @cyberdave? @thewonglv?

PM me your skype name. i’ll help you over screen sharing. :smile:

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