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How to implement "read" notification for membership site

How can I make it so that: when a user clicks on the row item, a modal opens, and the item saves the “read_at”? From bold previously (not yet read), on click of the modal, it becomes read and turns to the normal case.

I have a function wherein one user sends Reminders to another user. This page is the “Notifications” page of the user.

It has a collection list of the “reminders”, and with custom code, it only shows the list of reminders relevant to the one signed in.

In my reminders CMS database, it has a column “read_at”. When the read_at is populated, the row item is bold.

I want to make it so that on click of the row item, it opens the modal (already working), and also after that, the “read_at” in the CMS is saved and the row item is not bold anymore.

Here is my public share link:

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