How to implement pricing plan, custom service plans

Hi All,

New to webflow community and need some advice about e-commerce plans. And selling digital services. I need customers to be able to purchase a service directly from my site but also have the option to add their site URL or have a multiple-step form for them to add extra URLs based on the pricing selected. This all needs to happen whilst or after the customer has purchased the product, and it is vital that we are able to store the data such as the email, site URLs and name for us to carry out the service and add them to a CRM etc.

Don’t really want to upgrade to e-commerce as we don’t have that many products either.

What are the best ways on carrying this type of service out without the use of too many external tools? I looked into Stripe custom checkout as I have no coding experience unsure how to implement something like this.

Could someone help me please with the above? Thanks in advance.