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How to identify elements with interactions?


I often find myself searching the navigator for that element where I have an interaction tied to. It would be very helpful if elements that have interactions tied to it would have a small identifier. Or if in the interactions overview it would be possible to tell to which elements the interaction applies.

Another thing with interactions is that if I have selected a random element in the navigator, then go to the interactions overview to edit an certain interaction that interaction will be tied to that random element. In other words it’s not possible to edit an interaction without also selecting it for the active element.



I agree, especially if you accidentally associate an interaction with the wrong element while editing and tweaking values which is so easy to do. I have applied one to the body or the parent or content wrapper many times and stuff gets really wacky in a hurry doubling values for move, etc. And I am pretty sure that undo is not a valid option. You cannot progress through the navigator and see when an interaction lights up as active on the assets tab, so it is really a hunt.

The only safe workaround I see is to save iterations prior to each major tweak.

Hi @MartinB and @vlogic, thanks for the feedback. We will go check this behavior out and see what we can do to make this better. More info to come as I have it. For the moment, I am going to change this post category to Wishlist so we can reference this quickly for our Wishlist updates.

Cheers, Dave