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How To: Horizontal Scrolling Portfolio Using a Dynamic Collection

Hey guys,

Here’s my first Webflow tutorial!

This one is on how to create a horizontal scrolling portfolio page similar to the one you see on the AWWWARD winning Tool Of NA website using the Webflow CMS.

You can follow along with me on Youtube or just clone the Webflow site and have a play.

Please make sure to subscribe on Youtube for future tutorials, like the project on Webflow, and follow me!

! IMPORTANT: Make sure to download the two pieces of Jquery required to make this work and then host them on your own Dropbox, Google Drive etc if you are going to use this for a live project. Then just copy the public link from Dropbox and replace the script links in the Footer Section of the Custom Code Settings. This is because I might accidentally delete the files or they might be moved and if so the Jquery won’t work.
Download the Jquery Zip File Here


Hey Cooper this is brilliant… however the links to the snippets of code won’t work :frowning:
Any chance you could link them up in here?