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How to Hide the full URL on one of my Webflow pages

Hello. I am selling a video course on my webflow site. After the buyer pays, they will be redirected to the page where the video is embedded. I do not want the URL on that page to be fully displayed. I only want them to see my primary URL. Is this possible? And if so, would someone be willing to help walk me through it?

Much appreciated.

Hi @WG910

If you only want to hide the url of the actual video from the address bar, than you can use iframe to load the video inside the page or in a modal.

Thank you for your reply Aviv. The webpage also has numerous download links included with the paid program, so I’d like to hide the URL of the page and not just the video.

Any suggestions?


This is a bit more complicated and can be done in couple of ways.
You can find most of them in a simple google search, but, I would not recommend doing some of these without actual knowledge in network layers and DNS.

Thanks then, Aviv. I will leave the URL as-is right now and see if I get any unauthorized visitors to the page before pursuing professional assistance.

Much appreciation,