How to hide sitemap.xml from competitors?

I don’t want people to know about certain pages on my sites, but those pages are easy for competitors to find on

Still I need the sitemap for search engines.

I know that changing the name of the sitemap to something non-obvious could help somewhat, but I’m not sure if that’s possible w/ the way Webflow automatically creates the sitemap.

Any ideas?

Which approach would you take? I don’t know if any of these options are possible with Webflow since I don’t think Webflow allows you to adjust the sitemap’s name or the sitemap itself.

I would love a video with a walkthrough on SML Sitemap editing in webflow. Informing what the different codes does and how you would write it to get different results.
Maybe that could be combined with a walkthrough on password protection when that arrives and google console walkthrough. Everything that has to do with showing, not showing pages.

@PixelGeek, something for a tuesday video? :slight_smile:

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