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How to hide sections without affecting other pages


I need help in hiding some sections in “Display” on duplicated pages from a parent template/layout.

So this is what happens,

I duplicate a page from a template layout
I work on the duplicated page by editing the content
I hide sections that are not applicable to the duplicate page using the “Display” setting
When I go back to the parent template layout, it shows that that specific section is hidden therefore affecting other pages using that parent layout that needs that section

Please help. Thanks!

Yeah because thats how CSS works… Its global… all elements with the same class are going to be affected…

So you have to add a combo-class to the section. For Example “hidden” and then set the display to hidden…

Add a combo-class:

Thanks for your response!

I’m assuming we should apply this to the duplicate page?

This is a screenshot of the Selector of the duplicator page. How do I create the “combo class” to make it hidden?

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 5.08.53 PM

Thanks for your help!

Click next to the cards-section and type some classname… then hit enter…

Now your changes will affect only the elements with the class “card-section NEWNAME”…


How do I modify the settings of the said combo class “Hidden” for example? Should I just mark the Display setting as hidden?
Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 5.20.19 PM|236x41


  1. Create a Comboclass
  2. Modify the settings…

Thanks! You’re a great help :slight_smile: I was able to modify it.

Thanks for bearing with me. I’m a newbie to Webflow!

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No Problem… :wink:

Webflow has a very good… and i mean very good and funny University…
If you wanna learn more then check it out:

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