How to hide featured post on paginated Webflow CMS collection page?

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a Webflow project where I have a CMS collection page with two separate collection lists - one for featured posts and one for regular posts. The featured post is only visible on the first page of the regular posts list, but when I paginate to page 2 and beyond, the featured post remains visible and doesn’t hide as it should.

I’d like the featured post to hide when the user navigates to a page other than the first one, and then reappear when they return to the first page.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to fix this issue, or if you’ve encountered something similar before, I’d really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link:Webflow - Cornerstone Group

You have to hide it with javascript, you can check if the url has a search parameter for the pagination and in that case remove the element