How to have unique Lightbox media in components?

I want my images to enlarge on click so I’ve used a lightbox in a component. My component contains a lightbox and caption text with preset margins etc… My problem is I can’t change the images that show up when the thumbnail image is clicked (the thumbnail is unique to each component instance but not the enlarged images) because it’s not a changeable property. Is there something else I can do?

Here’s my site

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Welcome to the community @lymeg000 :wave:

I’m not sure Components currently have the ability to override lightbox media content, but I’d probably recommend reaching out to support to confirm. I know there is some work coming down the pipe for Components (they were just launched last month) so maybe this is on the docket for future updates.

Since the Component in question is fairly straightforward, my recommendation is to break the link and use static element groups instead. Not really the most ideal solution, but should help in the meantime.

If you hear back from Webflow support about the issue, please don’t hesitate to update the thread for other folks running into the same issue :+1:

Same here. Would be great to allow lightbox media components to be properties in instances.

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Has there been any update here? Would love to be able to control the YouTube URL as part of the component.

Chiming in to say this is a crucial feature that needs to be added! It’s useless to be able to set a variable for the display image but then the lightbox media can’t be controlled without unlinking the component, which defeats the purpose of components.