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How to have link text wrap long words? Burger Menu drop downs

I am having an issue with the burger menu text. I have very long links that are used within the burger menu navigation, I need these to wrap instead of force returning them. I have tried to add the following code to the head of the page as advised on a forum:

.question-column .w-dropdown-toggle { white-space: normal; }

And published the site to check as apparently this only works in the published preview. This isn’t working

Please can you help with a solution?

a {
  word-break: break-all;


I’ve tried dropping this code in, it seemed to break the entire site and show as a white page, i’ll try it again though as it was combined with some other code. Thanks i’ll let you know if it fixes.

Yes, still not working, doesn’t break the page this time, but just doesn’t do anything? Should I have link boxes set to something specific in order for it to make them wrap?