How to have different labels on multiple images in CMS

Hi guys,
As you can see in my portfolio page, I am trying to insert a description on each image. However, it didn’t let me edit individually. Also, I am having trouble placing a text box under the images.

Really hope someone can help me with this!!

Hi @Angeline_Neo,

First you can edit the descriptions in the CMS collection for those projects.

If you text to be on an image you would have to place it within a div and make that div absolute!

Hi there,

How to place and edit descriptions in the CMS collection for projects?

As you can see on the screenshot, it only shows where I can upload images.

Hi Angeline,

At this time descriptions are not available on the multi-image field. I do believe it could be with the next release/update to CMS, however, I have no eta for you on this.

You can add alt text to an image. Move you mouse cursor over an image, click the three dots, select alt text, then enter your data. This is only currently used for the “alt” attribute on an image.

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@Angeline_Neo - I will add that with a little custom code and the alt text value can be grabbed and then displayed within another element. Creating a label or badge if you will.