How to have an active filter/button based on an url input


I’m working on a project in which I need to create an active filter based on a link click on another page.

For example:
The home page has a button called “tomato recipes”. Once pressed the link should bring you to the recipes page on which the filter/button “tomato” is applied. As follows I would make a button for “strawberry recipes” that (once pressed) will bring me to the recipes page with a strawberry filter/button applied.

I think there should be a way to activate a filter based on url input for example:
What should bring me to the recipe page with an active tomato button/filter upon launch.

Is there someone that could help me solving this problem?


Hey @VV27! Great to see you :smiley:

Can you describe your cms setup a little more closely?
If you have a collection for each type of recipes like tomatoes, strawberries etc you can embed them wherever you want and even cross-link them.

Have you had a look at the collections wiki?

Or the collections list element?

Try to get things done with native WF functionality. If you feel comfortable with writing js you of course also use url parameters like you described