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How to have a div with full page height

Hi webflowers,

I had an idea to have a background color change according to my portfolio project color from CMS. Is there a way to have a div that would span full page height, but dynamically depending on how much content I have for the project from CMS?

Here is a read-only link

So I have added a div that has the color I set in the CMS project page, and I want it to go full page depending on how much content is on the page.


@Dejan_Keleman I’m having a little trouble understanding your problem.

Do you want a background color change effect?

Do you want a full-height div?

Do you want a full-height div that changes its color?

Full-Height div, the color thing is just a perk but when I put 100% height div it’s not actually full page long height, that’s adaptive according to the amount of content on the page.