How to handle Collections where most items don't need Collection Pages

I am planning a Resource Collection, which would be very much like footnotes in that they are short and in a list with links that take the user off the site. So the Collection List is useful, but the Collection Pages…rarely. Can one delete unused Collection Pages? Is it just fine to leave them blank if you aren’t going to need to use them? FYI I am at the point where I am scoping out whether Webflow can meet my needs for the site I am planning. I’m excited about using Webflow. Have been waiting for a solution like this for decades!

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Hey @rtloon ! Welcome aboard!

There is no requirement to use the collection pages that get created with every collection. You can leave them blank and they will have no impact on your site. As long as there is no content in the body of the template page, it will also not appear in your autogenerated site map.

So totally up to you how you use the CMS collections. They can be data only or data and UI.

Hope that helps. :raised_hands:

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