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How to go about creating a half static page?

I’ve been searching the help forum, but I’ve had no luck trying to find a solution for what I want to do.

In essence, I’m trying to produce a half static page. One similar to the following:

Where instead of scrolling, the navigation/pages change. I.e. if I click the “Sound” or “Vision” button/link, the left hand side still stays static; be it a picture, or even some content like a video, but the “Sound”, “Vision”, etc. page loads on the right. In a clean and simple manner, like how the page is structured now, where the scroll doesn’t have the scroll bar present. (I guess, you could even think of things as two separate pages displayed at the same time?)

I know the suggestion for posting for help is to include a read only link, but I’m not sure if it will be any of help. It was literally thrown together a few minutes ago to at least attempt to be able to explain.

I hope it’s pretty explanatory:
-Dropdown menu/buttons/links cause the left hand side page to change to whatever page/content (i.e. “About”, “Contact”, etc)
-Right hand side stays as is; be it picture, text, video, etc.
-Seamless between left and right sides of the pages/no scroll bar, etc.

Is it feasible? How would I go about doing this? Anything that will point me in the right direction will be appreciated. Thank you.

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