How to globaly IX2 CSS Property "font-size"?

I need something equivalent to “Wordpress Blog Font Resizer” buttons.

My current work around is applying IX2 to entire Rich Text CMS block, but it incorrectly formats Header. I only want it to resize only Paragraph without the header.

For example, see code below with intended result on “font-size” attribute:

<p><font size="5">This is text after clicking the Minus button</font></p>

<p><font size="7">This is some text after clicking the O button</font></p>

<p><font size="9">This is some text after clicking the Plus button</font></p>

Can you show me where you would like this to happen?

Not sure what you are trying to accomplish with this? Why must it be RT?


This is what I want to do:

At top right of RTF Wrapper has Small Middle Large font size toggles

It needs to be RT because it’s CMS