How to give an existing website a responsive design?

It was my first time redoing a website which felt like it went well, but didn’t realize that I didn’t make the site very mobile friendly. I was hoping to revamp it again but this time with a responsive design. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions into how to go about it? Is it possible? I have no coding experience.


Here’s the regular link:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Grateful Wardrobe Website

Hi @Melsa_Bradley what do you mean with this??? Do you mean someone to teach you about basic of responsive design and best practices?

I was hoping to avoid starting from scratch and figure out the best way to change the aspects of the website to a more responsive design. Does that make sense? It isn’t very mobile friendly and anytime I try to change things at the phone level, it changes things at the desktop level.

hi @Melsa_Bradley you do not need to start from beginning the only important thing is to know what you are doing and how to do it.

People can give you some tips but without basic knowledge will be for you confusing and hard to understand what these tips mean.

There is Webflow university to understand how to work with this platform but you will need to get some knowledge to understand at least some basics to be able apply it.

It is like with everything else, building house, do surgery, paint or draw person image, so it is web design and building website.

If someone will rent you surgery room with very basic equipment and tell you you can do brain surgery without any knowledge I presume you will hardly believe in it.

I’ve watched the University videos on responsive design, but with what i’ve already done I’m struggling to understand how to do so…

WFU is only about how to work with this platform but you need to knowledge your self how things works and there is many sources about responsive design topic.

As I have mentioned your website works fine when it comes to responsiveness, there is just several issues that need to be fixed.

In mobile? That’s what my aim is. Do you have any specific suggestions, or just to do some more research?

hi @Melsa_Bradley on mobile only issue I see is your margin on image 14 that cause horizontal scroll. But from what I see how page is done there can be done and/or improved lots more things.

That one has been so frustrating to try and fix. I’m not sure how to get rid of the extra side space.

hi @Melsa_Bradley you can try to set this image margin on the mobile viewport to 0px this will fix it. But as I have mentioned when you will get more knowledgeable about CSS you will rebuild it anyway.

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