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How to get this container to display properly?

Here is the URL: I am trying to get this mint colored container underneath the header image to be 520px in height, but everytime I do this, it goes and hides half of itself behind the footer. Any help would be greatly appreciated to help me get this thing position flushed against the footer and not behind the footer. thank you.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @gschultz

for the design questions you are asking, can you also supply us with a screenshot so we can quickly visualize your design goals? < this app is what we use to draw arrows on screenshots, but feel free to find one that works for you

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I cant upload a screenshot because every single time I ttry to upload a screenshot, the upload times out at 100% and doesnt actually insert the image into the post its so annoying. Thats why I included a link instead. I want the mint colored section to be 520px in height but without going behind the header image or behind the footer. The bottom of this green section has to sit flush to the top of the purple footer. And if I could make it responsive that would be great as well.

When uploading a screenshot, I get that too. It seems like the forum hangs at 100% uploaded, but if you wait a couple more moments, you’ll see the screenshot appear.

Avoid using negative values for your element positions. This affects other values on the element:

So @PixelGeek how do I get it to the size I need without it being placed behind the header image or behind the footer when making it the height that I need?

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