How to get text from Link Field

Is there an option to give the CMS url the same name as the url?
like: is as a link field in the CMS
and the name just:

Hope i am clear!

Can you be more clear?

More clear! Thank you!

Hello, @Koen

I believe you mean adding a link or button from your website directly to the CMS Access link, is that correct?

If so, you would simply:

  1. add a button, link block or link text for the left control panel into your website.
  2. Click on the button to select it in the Webflow editor
  3. Edit the link from the settings tab on the right of the control panel
  4. Use | | as the link

I hope this helps!

HI SVZ, did you see the video? i ment that.

I find out its not possible, so its gonne be on the wishlist!

Oh I see what you mean @Koen!

I will see if we can ship this feature fast since it’s so straightforward.

Yes! so and so clear!

But Sergie, its a bigger thing…
think about a link to a mobile phone number
or a link inside the page or to another page.

Think further… a link wizzard or so!

That’s a separate feature. Already have it on our roadmap. :thumbsup: