How to get product id from product variation SKU field?

Hi, I’m trying to integrate booqable with webflow since I need a more advanced product tracking and order system for my website than what webflow offers.

From booqable I have the option to embed an add-to-cart button for my products, and it works fine as long as the product doesn’t have product variations. I then add the code through a rich text field in the product page. The problem occurs when having product variations which I have a lot of. I could get a variations dropdown from booqable but I don’t like that since if I have two types of variations example color and size It mixes them up into one not so user-friendly dropdown. I would prefer to have the variations made in webflow and then link each variation to one product in booqable. So that I can control the front end.

What I would like to do is to add a rich text field to a product variant, but that is not possible. Or?
I’ve tried to add the embedd field in the collection list and then collect the product id from the SKU field of the product. See the white candles but the problem is that when selecting the different variations the product id doesn’t change…

So how could I work around the limitations of webflow so that when the variants is selected the right add to cart button shows up?!

I would really appreciate the help.

Read only link here