How to get page to jump to success message after submitting form

Hi everyone,
I have a long form to fill in on my website

After someone fills in the form the users don’t see the success message because it pops up too far up and the page when reloading doesn’t jump to exactly that spot but rather jumps to a spot further down.

How do I get my page to reload to the spot where the success message appears?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @ToniMalt,

I’m not sure I’m getting it right but did you think about setting you success message to position fixed so it will always be in view?

If it’s a matter of redirect link after success, you could may be add #page-linking-ID at the end of your redirect URL.

May be if you have a share link of your project it will be easier to help but may be I got it right.
I hope it helps.