How to get information from webhook

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We are trying to use webhooks in our project to send membership data to an Express/MongoDB backend. We created the webhook and used the trigger “memberships_user_account_added” so that it would fire off when a new user signs on to the site. Nothing happens when we sign up. We don’t receive any information at our endpoint: https://localhost:3000/api/users. How do we get information back from a webhook without using a service like airtable? Thanks!

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Hahaha, that made me laugh a bit, I’ve tried that before, long ago. Good memories.

Here, a webhook is a mechanism where Webflow’s servers POST a package of JSON to an internet address you specify, any time a specified event happens. That internet address has to be accessible on the Internet in order for Webflow’s systems to reach it.

Localhost isn’t an internet address, it’s a reference to your personal computer, and is only accessible from your personal computer.

If you’re building an application to receive those posts, you’ll need to host that app somewhere on the Internet, or get a static IP for your system and set up your network to route inbound requests properly.

For what you’re doing though, you might just use an intermediary automation platform to do the post. For work like this, where you’re doing data transforms, I prefer pipedream and n8n, since they have solid scripting models fundamentally to the flow.

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You won’t be able to get that to work if you’re using localhost:3000 as your endpoint.

It’s not publicly available on the internet and for Webhooks to send you info it has to be to a public address on the internet.

But not to worry!

The common approach us dev’s is to use Ngrok.

You start ngrok on your computer, and it creates a public address.

You put that ngrok public address into your Webhook.

Ngrok forwards anything from that public address, to your private address (localhost:3000)

Now you can get Webhooks sent to your private address :+1:

Easy peasy :smile: