How to get image to fit accordingly in footer

I’m having trouble with the image fitting in the footer. It’s taking up to much space and pushing the other sections to the right too much. Any idea why?


@arodceo could you share a read-only link for your website? That way I can take a look and let you know what’s going on :slight_smile:

I love an easy fix :slight_smile: . Set the image size from ‘100%’ to ‘auto’. I would also suggest to change the size of the image. It’s 3000-ish pixels wide and 4000-ish tall, that’s way too much for a small logo in the footer :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Got it to work :slight_smile:

Btw is there a source you recommend to get the images to the right size?

yay, happy to hear that @arodceo. I use photoshop to size my images but something like canva works too. You do need a paid canva plan I think to use their sizing tool.