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How to get icon next to disclaimer text

I’m attempting to place a graphic (styled: housing image) next to the end of some disclaimer text at the bottom of my page. The only way I’ve been able to make it happen is by placing it with relative adjustments, but of course that then throws off it’s placement on other sized screens. Is there a way to add it to the end of a text block so that the two elements (text block and image) stay connected?

You can add a left padding to your block of text and place the icon as an image background, no repeat, stuck to the left…

Or place your text element in a div, give it width 80% display inline box, image as inline box width 20%…


many methods (: how big is your image?

It’s very tiny. See the example above. It usually gets added at the end of a text body as an inserted image, but Webflow doesn’t allow for the same implementation. I need it to show up right after “… Equal Housing Lender.”

Did you have any ideas @vincent?

That would be the way I’d go with it.

That didn’t work, but thanks for trying to help me out.

Isn’t this what you’re looking for?

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Sort of, but I need it in the footer line of text like this:

so you remove the icon from where it is, you select the part of text where is should stand in front of, you click on the brush icon to make it a span, you add a class to the span, then 25px of let padding, then add the icon as a background to the span.

you could have shown me exactly what you were looking for to begin with…

Sorry Vincent, guess I assumed you were part mind reader. Sorry I didn’t explain better. I’ll try this and see if it works. Thanks for helping me out.

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