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How to get google knowledge graph for my company

Hi Friends,

I am trying to getting Google kg graph for my company. I have done almost like wikipedia page, freebase, wikidata, schema etc.

Thanks for your support.

Hi @Alex_Smith, thanks for the post :slight_smile: Are you trying to use Rich Snippets?



Thanks for replay.

How can I used it for Getting Google KG Graph.

Hi @Alex_Smith, you will need to use some custom code in the Footer of your site:

Here is the Google Help docs that give an overview

The link I sent you earlier has info on the script necessary to add structured data to you page, for different types of information, i.e. Products, Reviews, Ratings etc.

Or do you mean something else?

Hi thanks for you suggestion,

Kindly check the url, I want link this

For more, kindly visit.

Wikipedia Profile:

Freebase Profile:

Google Plus Profile:


Hi @Alex_Smith, those are all settings setup through Google, so you probably need a developer to help you with this.

Here is some additional information on linking your business to your google profile

If you need some freelancer help with this, you might want to try reaching out to some of our freelance community members here: List of Webflow Freelancers (2014-2015)


Thanks for your support, I have done already this.

Kindly see this.

Our SEO Team also working on it but currently they are unable to find to getting kg graph.


Hi @Alex_Smith,

Maybe this will help?

Thanks for your suggestion, I will do it.