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How to get an SSL certificate for a subdomain outside of Webflow?

I’m using Webflow for my site at and Webflow is managing this certificate (probably with Let’s Encrypt).

However, I’m willing to use an API manager product at and my vendor requires me to put a new certificate on its platform for this subdomain.

What would be a good way to handle this? I’m kinda confused, since I can’t download my certs from Webflow and issuing a new certificated specifically for might be a little expensive. What would you do? And what would I use as a CN= in my CSR?

would like to know this as well! did you find a solution @ivarec?

The implementation options depend on your hosting provider’s feature set for SSL. Most providers (I do for one), offer Let’s Encrypt plus any third party trusted certificate authority certificates. Cost depends on features for commercial certs. Contact your hosting provider for options and choices.