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How to get an image to act like a background image set to cover

So I need images to behave like a background image set to cover, atm I have made a collection and linked the featured image to each section of the site and set it as a background image this allows a user to edit it but this also makes a url for that image and its really not great for the site map.

Is there a bit of script I can use to make a image act like a background image?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Dan,

If the purpose is having the ability to use the editor to change the images, then background images can also be edited via the Webflow editor. You’ll find an icon on the top right corner of your image and can change it.

Just be sure not to put any other element on top of it so that it remains accessible.

If using background images doesn’t work for you, then maybe someone can help you to achieve this with some .js

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