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How to get a value for something and use it for interaction?


I am kinda new to webflow and I have some questions.
I want to make a quiz using collection items but I have a few problems. I would appreciate your help as I have a deadline for a this project and I am afraid of getting zero.

So here is the picture. I have the question and 4 options. What I want to achieve is that:
1- Store value of the selected div (mouse click).
2- Using that, matching it with the correct answer. I have the correct answer in my Database Collection and maybe use if statement? idk
3- When I click check, it will then compare the value the user selected and the answer in database. Then it has to turn green for the correct answer and turn red for wrong answer.
4- Clicking check' will then **activate** next` button and then user can go to next question to answer.

Thank you very much!

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