How to get a page to load within a section or container

• Want to have 2 column sections
• left column section has a list of links
• right column - when a link is clicked it would would display its content in the right column.

Example of what I’m looking for: []

Seems like a simple thing to do but can’t seem to figure it out.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Jeff,

“Loading a page within a section or container” is accomplished through the use of IFRAMES or scripts - however the site you linked is not doing that. On the right side is simply a navigation element; a list of links. When you click them, the page is changing, which you can see in the browser’s URL bar.

It sounds like you’re at the very very beginning of your web design journey, so I’d recommend you start with the Webflow University, the very beginning courses, and focus on basic page design and navigation. Once you have a grasp of those basic concepts, all of this will make sense.

Thank you for the quick reply. I actually went through the entire entire courses and figured out that the right side is a navigation element.

Additional question though is how do I get it so the navigation element does not reload with the entire page. On the website the navigation element does not reload with a new page.

Thank you.

Hey Jeff, yes it reloads on every page. It’s just a standard nav.

How do I get it so it doesn’t reload on every page?

The nav?

Well, normally you’d want some kind of navigation site-wide, but if you did not want it on a specific page, you just wouldn’t put it on that page. Your 404 page might be an example of that, since you can’t put collection lists there ( and your nav may use them ).

Typically in Webflow, your site navigation is in a symbol, and you put it on all [ most ] pages in your site, but which pages you have it on is completely up to you.

If your asking, “how do I have a nav, but never have it reload as people navigate my site?” you could put your body content in an IFRAME. That will generally give you and your users problems though;

  • scrolling issues
  • possibly CSRF issues
  • page layout issues
  • navigation issues [ you’d have to code all of your nav links manually to target it ]
  • no page-level URLs for your users
  • thus, degraded SEO
  • possibility of page being indexed without the parent, thus no nav at all

Fun. Why would you want to torture your users?