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How to generate a 2nd language navigation

i build up my website in german using the standard Navigation which is installed wenn starting. Now i like to build up an english version of the website. By duplicating a german page to an english i can not change the Top Navigation Bar links, because i will change them on all (also original german pages) too. I do understand.
My question, what do i have to duplicate to make an add. Navigation (header) for english?

  • Navigation (i can not duplicate)
  • Menu ?
  • Nav Menu ?
  • Navigation Items ?

(have a look: )

Any hints how i can continue?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-15 um 18.31.40

You need to create another navigation menu and make it a symbol that you can use for your german pages.

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Thanks, so easy. I like webflow the longer the more